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Hideaway Retreats

Company Bio:

Hideaway Retreats is a boutique travel company specializing in curated wellness retreats and transformative experiences in exotic locations around the world. Our mission is to create meaningful travel experiences that nourish the mind, body, and soul, offering participants the opportunity to disconnect from the demands of daily life and reconnect with themselves and the world around them. From yoga retreats in Bali to meditation escapes in the Himalayas, Hideaway Retreats offers a sanctuary for self-discovery and personal growth.

Business Type: Travel, Concierge

Client Brief:

Seeking a brand identity that reflects the spirit of adventure, luxury, and mindfulness that defines Hideaway Retreats. The visual elements should evoke a sense of wanderlust and serenity, inviting travellers to embark on a journey of exploration and transformation. I envision a sophisticated and elegant design that captures the essence of our luxury travel experiences while also conveying a sense of authenticity and connection to nature

Brand Keywords:

Elegant, Balanced, Authentic, Nature, Luxurious


Brand Voice:

Professional, Knowledgeable, Exclusive, High End

Final Brand-04.jpg
Final Brand-06.jpg
Final Brand-02.jpg

Branding Design Decisions


Decisions were based on the keywords and brief details such as their focus on adventure, luxury, and connection to nature and wanting an elegant design.

The symbol for balance a circle with a line running through it brings in that element of grounding and re-discovering your wholeness through connecting with yourself and nature. 

Since the destinations tend to be tropical I used a palm tree to symbolize vacation destinations and by using it reflected it symbolizes the reflection of one's self that would be discovered on these retreats. 

To bring it all together and bring an element of luxury aside from the font and colour choices, a diamond shape was used. 

The Icon was created by joining together all of these elements:

Asset 4.png


Asset 3.png

Colour Palette:

Asset 2.png

The colour palette is deep and moody, the rich natural tones signifying elegance and nature. 



Branded Assets:

For this boutique travel company it made sense to create assets that would help promote hideaway retreats as well as elevate the guest experience when they arrive. 

Guest Experience:

Since many retreats would be customized for each client we decided it would be great to have a daily itinerary that could be provided to guests every morning. Most also include yoga or some kind of mat work so providing high quality branded yoga mats was key. Finally, providing clients with the highest quality skincare was essential so we created custom branded skincare packaging that could be re-filled with their signature face, body and hair care. 

Additional Print and Digital Assets:


  • Business Cards

  • Custom Square Space Website

  • Social Media Curation

  • Magazine Cover Design Template

  • Digital & Print Advertisements 

  • Skincare Packaging Design

  • Custom Itinerary Design & Template

  • Branded Yoga Mat


Hideaway Retreats | Website | Instagram | Facebook

Stock Imagery: Pexels & Pinterest | Fonts & Additional Assets: Adobe Fonts & Creative Market 

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