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Flaveur Food Blog

Company Bio:

A recipe and restaurant review social media food blog. It is hosted solely on social media (Instagram) and the premise is to share unique recipes, showcase stunning food photography, and shout out restaurants through food pictures and tags. It's meant to be a fun and inviting instagram page for people to who love good food to create community and access this digital cook book.  

Business Type: Food and Drink, Blog, Social Media

Client Brief:

Seeking a brand re-do (re-brand) from the old branding design which no longer aligns with the values and goals of the food blog. Originally known as the name will be changed to Flaveur. In need of a completely new brand identity to reflect the changes in position and purpose, as well as a social media (Instagram Profile) over-haul to match the new branding. 

Brand Keywords:

Fun, Bold, Inviting, Yummy, Modern


Brand Voice:

Friendly, Happy, Knowledgeable


Previous Branding Samples:

Minimal true branding existed before this re-brand, mainly the word mark & icon logos and a template for Pinterest posts. 

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 4.30.35 PM.png
Creatively Logo - Large W Background-01.jpg
Creatively Favicon-01.png

Branding Design Decisions


The brand was inspired by french elegance, but make it really fun and inviting. The colours and stripes really play into that french vibe and the playful flowy fonts and illustrations bring in a sense of friendliness making it more approachable and much less structured and strict. The recipes are made at home so making sure to make it feel homemade and casual was important. 


New Fonts:


New Colour Palette:

Asset 3.png

Recipe Card Design:

Asset 4.png

Brand Illustrations:

For this food blog we decided to create some custom food illustrations to use for instagram highlight covers and use as stickers/background layouts. They we're made in accordance with the highlight items (Snacks, Bakes, & What I'm Eating). They are purposely quite rustic and look as if they were sketched with a pencil, giving them a casual feel to match the branding and provide a bit of contrast with the more modern font. 

Snacks: Bowl of Potato Chips

Bakes: Slice of Cake

What Im Eating: Cooking in a Frying Pan

Asset 1.png

Additional Assets:

  • Social Media Curation

  • Social Post Templates

  • Profile Picture 

  • Recipe Card Design

  • Story Stickers

  • Custom Highlight Cover Design


Food with Flaveur Food Blog | Instagram

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