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Communication is key. I’m here to help you develop an authentic brand experience that truly resonates with your audience.


Services List:

Brand Identity Design
Full Logo Suite & Variations
Font Pairings (multiple)
Colour Palette (customized)
Strategic Identity Design 
Patterns, Icons, & Illustrations
Brand Guidelines
Packaging Design
Business Cards
Apparel Design & Illustrations
Window Decal Design
Brochure & Menu Design
Printed Ads
Custom Website Design
Website Audit/Refresh
Social Media Curation
Social Media Templates
Photography Sourcing
Digital Brochure Design
Digital Ad Design
I consider Paperloft a Full Service Graphic Design Studio. My main area of focus is Branding Design but I package branding up with other deliverables (print & digital assets) to make sure you leave my studio ready to launch with everything you need.

I use a strategic approach to better understand your business, your audience, and your postion in the market. This allows me to not only create eye catching designs but also make sure they resonate with the right people.

My goal is to work with new & established businesses who believe in being authentic, are dedicated to doing it right, having a little fun with it, and attracting their ideal audience through great branding and design! 
let's launch together!

Service Locations:

Local Services
In Edmonton, AB
(For In-Person Service)
North America
Across Canada & US
(For Virtual & Online Service)
Europe & Other
Please Inquire
(Virtual Services in English)

Your brand should be authentic, it should visually represent who you are and highlight what makes you special.

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Why Paperloft?

The name “Paperloft” came about because I was inspired by what paper means to us and how it symbolizes what graphic design can do for businesses. Paper for centuries has been a way for us to communicate with each other, it’s also a blank slate. You have to craft what you want to communicate (strategy) and then articulate that in a way that resonates with the receiver (design). That could include text, images, symbols, etc. ​

From the beginning I envisioned my logo having a paper plane incorporated somehow. I realized that ironically a paper plane is paper that you fold, and loft into the air. So, that's how the name Paperloft originated and I even crafted my process based on the folding of a paper plane!
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More About Me:

My name is Michaela. I’m the solo graphic designer running Paperloft Design Studio!

I always knew I wanted to have my own business one day, I just wasn’t sure what it would be! I’m very business minded, have a love for all things design and creativity, and I love working with passionate business owners. So, Graphic Design made perfect sense!

I have a Certificate in Visual Design from NAIT, a Bachelor of Commerce degree (majored in marketing) from Macewan University, and two years of experience  working at a local Edmonton Design Studio (LCC) where I learned a ton about being in this industry under the creative direction of Lianne. I’ve been doing freelance work on the side since 2018 and finally in 2023 it was time for me to venture out on my own and follow my dream of being a business owner! 

How I Got Started:

My Qualifications: ​

live your dreams
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